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GARIA and GBA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


GARIA and GBA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that provides for the establishment of cooperation, co-ordination, and the sharing of information between the two Parties.

This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in their shared mission to work together and cooperate proactively on matters of common interest. Ingredients to a strong vibrant business rescue industry is predicated in an enabling legislative framework that offers protection of creditor rights. Therefore, having GBA as the premier legal institution in this partnership will ensure a fair and efficient system for resolving insolvency issues while balancing the interest of debtors, creditors and other stakeholders.

The MOU outlines the framework for cooperation and sets the stage for joint initiatives on how GARIA and GBA will further the objectives of each organisation for the common good of its respective membership. Both organisations bring unique strengths and expertise to business restructuring and insolvency, creating a synergy that promises to drive innovation and deliver impactful results in their respective endeavours.

Both GARIA and GBA express their enthusiasm for the opportunities that lie ahead and their dedication to working closely together to achieve shared goals. As they embark on this journey, GARIA and GBA invite stakeholders and partners to join them in realising their vision for a brighter future.


GARIA is an industry body of professionals including judges, accountants, lawyers, bankers, regulators, and academics who specialise in corporate restructuring, business recovery and insolvency matters in the Republic of Ghana. GARIA is a member of INSOL International. https://garia.org/


GBA is a professional association of lawyers in Ghana established to promote legal professionalism in Ghana, including what used to be called solicitors and barristers but are now called legal practitioners, as well as lawyers. The GBA is a member of the International Bar Association. https://ghanabar.org/

For further information contact Mora N.E. Holloman, Marketing, Communications & Stakeholder Relations, GARIA on 020 935 0767 and Mr. Kwaku Gyau Baffour, General Secretary GBA on 024 447 1555/030 291 0650.

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22nd April 2024

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