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GARIA is an association of practitioners and other persons with an interest in restructuring and insolvency formed on 8th August 2006 to play a leadership role in corporate restructuring, business recovery and insolvency in Ghana. It is incorporated as a company limited by guarantee under the Companies’ Act 1963 (Act 179).

It is well established that effective and efficient insolvency laws and institutions are critical for economic growth. This is because;

  • they promote the restructuring of viable but temporarily distressed businesses;
  • efficient closure and transfer of the assets of businesses which are no longer viable;
  • and proper winding up of businesses where the members for other reasons decide to cease operations.

Membership Benefits

Membership of GARIA has several benefits including the following:

  • Providing a forum for networking and the mutual exchanges of opinions and information among practitioners
  • Advocating for business law reforms
  • Reduced cost of registration for GARIA events.
  • Advertise in GARIA publications and website
  • As an affiliate of INSOL International, members of GARIA are entitled to join INSOL International at a discounted fee.
  • Some of the benefits of membership of INSOL International are:
  • Reduced conference fees
  • Networking and referral opportunities
  • Publication of members name and addresses in INSOL world directory
  • Access to members only database on INSOL International website
  • Leading Publications and technical papers

Membership Categories

Includes members of the following Associations:

  • Ghana Bar Association
  • Chartered Accountants of Ghana or any recognized accounting body
  • Chartered Institute of Bankers, Ghana or any other recognized banking body
  • Any other institution or profession approved by the Governing Council.

Any other person who can, in the view of the Governing Council contribute to the development, research, or practice of business recovery, insolvency or restructuring.

A corporate body or association or partnership firm who can contribute to the activities of the Association in the field of development research or practice of business recovery, insolvency or restructuring.

Persons who have performed distinguished or special services to the Association for the development of research or practice of business recovery or restructuring in Ghana.

The Governing Council may create other categories of membership.


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